Thursday, April 1, 2010

Top Ten Female Rockers

Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing? First off, you wouldn't know all about Women Rock Radio without it, and you couldn't do nifty searches for things like "women rockers." We like to do this from time to time to keep ourselves not only amused but informed, and our latest search brought up two interesting things:
1.) that rock has definitely grown since the "good ol' days" of male domination and has not only busted down the gender barriers but color ones as well...check out unusualmusic's blog: Looks like new music is on its way to WRR, and...

2.) there is such a thing as Listmania on ( )and we stumbled across one entitled: Female Rockers Ranked. Simple enough...Female. Rockers. Ranked. Some of the choices on the list we'd like to question, especially Queen, but there are some great ladies on there, so it got us thinking...Who would YOU rank as the Top Ten Lady Rockers? Answer us and we'll sift through the answers and post who you, our listeners, think rocks the hardest in an upcoming post...and it will give us a chance to add some of your choices if we don't have them in rotation!

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